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La Sociedad Protectora de Animales de Yecla (SPANDY) is a non-profit association legally constituted. It was created in Yecla, at the initiative of a group of people willing to undertake efforts to improve the animal conditions, as well as protect and defend them.



The fundamental aim SPANDY has is to fight against the abandon and mistreatment of the animals in our society, and, in turn, to make people aware of the respect towards animals. There are a lot of measures to carry out this project but they are mainly focused on giving shelter to those pets which are abandoned in our streets and to manage their adoption. The problem is that there is not a respectful and understandable conscience of the animal world and our measure is necessary and urgent. That’s why we know our work is not an easy one, and it’s going to take time to approach, little by little, to a society model where the knowledge of the animals is higher and their treatment is adequate, but we have to be persistent.

On the other hand, we lack an ABANDONED ANIMALS SHELTER so we will focus on the more urgent situations by working with the help of our volunteers, who can take pets in at home temporary at a given time.



As we said before, while we lack an animal shelter, the association will focus on the more special situations, like stray sick or injured animals, little puppies without a mother, and other high-risk situations. For the remaining situations, we’ll start up a dissemination platform and a home search for the animals by spreading the information via this web page, and hanging posters on veterinary clinics and public shops.

We will also conduct sensitization and awareness campaigns to highlight the respect towards animals , in primary and secondary schools, with the objective of having a future without the problems we have nowadays.

Free talks and lectures about different aspects, all of them related to the animal world. They’ll cover topics like the Civic Education, with lectures about the microchip implantation or those things we have to take into account to have a pet at home in good conditions. Also, lectures seeking to improve the present situation, where we’ll talk about the consequences of the abandon and the sterilization as a way of birth control and avoidance of unwanted litters.We’ll also talk about interesting aspects of the animal world like, for instance, the cats’ psychology and the dogs’ psychology.

On the other hand, our obligation is also watching and demanding the enforcement and compliance of the local and regional laws, by reporting the authorities the possible mistreatment situations or the possession of animals in bad and terrible conditions, in order to begin the appropriate investigation, and, if necessary, the requisition of that animal.

Furthermore, we’ll carry out a variety of activities, such as street markets, canine marches, photograph and story competitions, and anything that entails the perfect combination in order to offer Yecla a weekend alternative, and, at the same time, a way to have a good time and to collaborate in a solidarity way with a fair cause as the one we champion in SPANDY.



At the moment, la Sociedad Protectora de Animales de Yecla lack an ABANDONED ANIMALS SHELTER, therefore, if you want to contact us, send an e-mail to the following address:


Having said all this, it’s understood that the work of this association is created and is maintained thanks to the deep love and the respect for life; and supported by the belief that all living beings have an important place in this world.