Have you ever thought that with your adoption you will save two animals?

When you adopt one, you give another one the oportunity of being also adopted. You will then save both the life of the dog you are taking with you and the life of the one that will take its place in the protectora. You will get it out of an uncomfortable spot, bring it a new chance in a new home and give it a new happy life.

Many animals adquired because of crazes have been abandoned, so you may find purebreeds as well. On other hand, you have to take in account that a crossbreed is always unique, special: they are really kind, friendly and, if they come from a previous adoption, this becomes multiplied by their affection desire; they are also very smart, easy to train and more resistant to illnesses because of their 'mixed' blood.

It is not true that adult animals are not capable of learn and adapt to new owners since they usually are more calm and obedient.

Abandoned dogs went through very hard experiences. If you adopt them, they will generously reward you for giving them the affection that they didn't have. They usually are the most affectionate, loyal, obedient ones.

Don't pay for an animal and don't contribute to life trade, save that money for investing in what it needs.

Adopting an animal is an obligation. If you can't go on taking care of it, YOU NEVER EVER MUST ABANDONE THE ANIMAL ON THE STREETS. You should bring the animal back to us and we will look after a new home for it. Remember that there are laws that punish this offense and besides that it is an ACT OF CRUELTY.

They would never left you, they just rely on you.