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SPANDY is an independent society with no profit motive in mind that arises from our love and respect towards animals and our desire to grant them a decent life.

At the moment, our only source of financing are the members' contributions and donations. Each new member is essential to our work and the number of animals that we can help depends directly on it. We are sure that many of you would like to become a member of our crazy family devoted to animal protection.

As a SPANDY member:

  • We will keep you informed about our activities and our campaigns.
  • You will be able to attend our meetings whenever you want, give us your opinion and suggest ideas to us as well.
  • You will get by e-mail if you want to all the monthly SPANDY publications in Siete Días, a Yecla's newspaper.
  • Of course, you will get your membership card of our society.

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